Risk and Reward… Part 2


So for 6 months or so we ate, danced the night away and became attached to each other. I was spending all my earnings on this women, all my time, and I didn’t care in the least, I had motive, I had drive, I had a mission to complete. And then it happened.
I had to go to work in Maui for a few weeks and leaving my women behind made me a little unsure of what the future would hold for me, for us. I was used to seeing her almost every day and I didn’t like leaving. The day before I was to leave we went out on the town, and on the way home I looked for a quiet place so we could be alone. I had decided to step up and take this relationship to another level, yes, I proposed.
Have you ever done something and wished you could take it back. For what ever reason this was not the right time for this. I knew this as soon as I popped the question. Donna tried to be as polite and unhurtful as possible, and then she says, (I remember her exact words), “maybe we should date other people” OMG! Are you kidding! I was pretty upset, not that I had spent all my time and coins for nothing, but because I honestly thought we were a serious couple with a future together. Where did that come from? Cursing the sky for what I had done, I left her house and went to Maui for the longest 2 weeks in my life. My life was taking a dive.

The Reward: I don’t remember about my 2 weeks in Maui as I’m sure you can understand, all I thought about was this girl I loved. You see, during our rather short courtship I came to realize that I couldn’t live the rest of my life without her. I have never felt this way about anyone before, and I was having a hard time dealing with this situation.
A few days before I was to come home I received a letter from her. A Dear John letter or so I thought. So I opened it and half heartedly read the letter only to sit back up, open my eyes wide , and reread out loud, “I suppose it’s true what they say, that absence makes the heart grow fonder” (yes I can remember that like it was yesterday). Quickly, I called her on the phone, and I told her how much I missed her and loved her. She did the same.
Home from Maui, she picked me up at the airport and we talked about the past 2 weeks. Now, I’m not going to question why or what just happened and I never did, at this point I didn’t care. Just let it go… As we gave each other one last hug and kiss, and just before heading home, she, yes I said SHE, proposed to me right then and there. Dazed and confused I said yes, of course. Go figure.
Inwardly I wanted to string her up to the nearest mango tree for putting me through all this torment and anguish. But how could I be mad, I will never know what went on through her mind during those past 2 weeks. Never questioned it and never will. The reward alone was worth the effort, pain and emotional setbacks. I will never do this again. That night I thanked my lucky stars for this day and I layed in my bed in wonder for what was about to happen.


2 thoughts on “Risk and Reward… Part 2

  1. I love the photo–basically the Pete I remember from my youth (with the exception of the mustache). Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Joy and I had a similar experience. After 5 months of dating, it was too early for a proposal, but it was time to get down to business–I was getting older (already 22 years old) and didn’t have time to waste. I asked Joy if she were willing to be courted seriously. She said, “No.” Truly, I cannot stand rejection and find it way to painful. I said, “OK, then I guess we’re through,” because I had no desire to date just for the fun of it–I had relationship objectives and goals. It was painful, but “cold turkey,” we were through. The next month I tried to get her out of my mind, which was an impossibility; nevertheless, it was necessary for me to move on. During that month, I dated a couple of other girls, including Vicki Brents. During that month, I also saw Joy out with another guy, a handsome guy who looked like he just stepped out of a man’s cologne commercial. After that month, a miracle occurred–I received a telephone call from Joy, with her asking if we could get together to “talk.” I think that was the best phone call I’ve ever received in my life. FYI, I proposed to her at sunrise on Kailua Beach (August, 1971).

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    • Haha that’s a great story and thanks for sharing. Vicki Brent’s eh, wow. Not sure if we would do anything over if we had to go back in time but like you glad it turned out for the better. Stay safe my friend. Aloha Pete


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