Da Brothers…

Chris with Alika

Our boys births were pretty uneventful. They came in at around eight to nine pounds apiece, full of black hair and screaming hard. Christian first to enter this world, big brother to Alexander, two years his younger. I actually was present for the boys birth. At Chris’s, the only two people in the room was Dr. Saiki and myself. I asked him where everyone else was and he answered with, “did I see the last U.H. basketball game?” What the hell! I almost opened my mouth again, but let it go. So here we were, my wife in contractions and I’m talking sports with the doctor… nice.
Everything was going nicely until that big, giant head wouldn’t come out. Things were getting a little intense, but oh no, he still didn’t call anyone in to help. There was no nurse strike and I knew they were available. The silver forcepts came out as he tried to guide Chris’s head out…it’s a no go. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a scalpel in his right hand. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt abit” He cut my wife, head was through, and baby was born. Just like that. It was like watching Ben Casey do his thing on TV.
Needless to say I didn’t hang around for the stitching up. I kissed my wife and headed for the door. I figured I was in over my head and would just be in the way. So I went outside to tell the family all that I had endured, all that we endured.
You’d think by now, the birth of our third child, that I would be an old pro at this. It was like I forgot everything I have learned on the previous two births and I was starting out all over again. But hang in there I did and supported my good wife as best as I could. I know she appreciated the fact that I was there, and I was not going to miss this.
To this day I marvel and wonder about what I, we, went through. From conception to birth, from child to youth to adult. I watched it all. I was a creator or sorts myself. From all this I came to the appreciation of a mothers role in the family. Me, I’m there for support and a good smack once in a while (I mean I give the smack!), but her, she is that go to person that never stops to think of herself. Always there to sooth the pain, calm the nerves, kiss the hurt.
So, home again for the third time with another boy. Our family was growing and things were grand. It was a good time in our lives… I was dad.

Note: This story is from my on going book I’m writing for my family. I’ve been working on it for what seems forever. It may never get done… hope you enjoyed it.


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