Fatherhood 4 of 4


So what does this have to do with fatherhood you ask? Everything! I learned how to be a giver, I learned how to show compassion and love, when to swing the axe, and when to hug and kiss. Sure, I learned these from my folks, but I learned from my sister as well. Through her perserverence and dedication came life, I saw this, felt it and remember it.
Even as I write this tears are forming. I know that she put everything aside in her own life to deal with the live’s of her children. This self sacrifice would undenyably make an impression on me in the years to follow. I saw, I learned, I felt, I remember, and I will never forget. I will never forget that it was a women, a sister, and yes a girl, who taught me fatherhood too. You did good Noe, thanks kiddo, I love you forever…. your brother Pete.


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