Fatherhood 3 of 4

I have great memories of my siblings, the times we spent together, played together and shared everything together. We were a close family coming together like a puzzle, never worrying about what life had to offer, and enduring all that life had to give us. And the two puzzle makers made sure we were put together when we had to, when we needed to, there for each other. I know this sounds somewhat idealistic to say but this is really true. Sure we had our moments of dismay, fights or whatever, my point is that no one gave up on themselves, we all realized that the family was more important than the me.

Now, having said all this, may I state that it took some of us longer than others, to know and accept these values. Yes, there may have been one or two knuckleheads in the family. I swear that I was not one of those people 🙂 I was the oldest in our family of seven, with a sister born a year later than me, and I was still in command of the house, (as far as kids go). I got the first car, got the first speeding ticket, went on the first date, and just about did everything I wanted… mostly. I was a real jerk and my ego was sky high. There, I said it. Hey! I was a victim of cirrcumstance, I was the experimental child. I only realize now what my parents have gone through, so patient, so understanding and so forgiving.
So the two oldest kids would rule the house for about six years until mom decided to have three more in a row, about one or two years apart. Five total, three boys and two girls. And I’ll be honest with you, five or six years is a pretty good difference between brother and sister. I was closest to my kid sister Noelani, (the sister next to me), we would spend most of our young life together, close, experiencing life at it’s best. We went to parties together and even church. She was a gift from heaven that came at a great time for the family, to help, support and love each member unconditionally. The experience she gained during these years all helped her later when she had her own family. Her husband would leave her after their fourth baby. Stranded and alone, she raised these kids and showed them the better side that life has to offer.

Today, her kids are grown up and making a life for themselves, but remain close to mom. For mom was that strength they all needed, at that time, was the giver of life and is still that go to person. The love and compassion she learned from her mom only transcended through her to the ones she loved.


2 thoughts on “Fatherhood 3 of 4

  1. Pete, you were many things, but a jerk was never one of them. I never recall your having an ego problem, other than we all have egos and we all have problems. You were the most mellow and easy going of my friendship group. I have only good memories of our teenage years and of good times being around you. I only hope the same can be said of me.

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