Fatherhood 1 of 4

Fatherhood learning the hard way: Fatherhood is learned, it’s learned from your dad, and learned from those experiences you gained in your lifetime. It’s on going and never ending in the process. Just when you think you have something… something happens to knock you off your feet and put you back to square one. You will seldom get it right the first time, you will never say to yourself, “hey, no problem, I can handle this stuff”. 

And so it goes, the cycle of fatherhood, beginning at an early age and lasting until death, and maybe through it. You will learn from examples set, you will be corrected, you will ask to be forgiven, you will forgive, you will try and fail, you will always worry, you will sometimes never understand, you will love and be loved, you will have an undying committment.

It goes without saying, life’s greatest job is that of a father. Some agree, some don’t, I do! After all, when it’s said and done and the armor of life is stripped from you, and you’re standing there alone, to be judged… what are you left with? Only family. I say that again, “ONLY FAMILY”


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