Hang in there…


I’ve always had a basic curiosity about life in general. And to this point in time, I’ve learned a few things about life that has helped me along the way on this path I walk. Whether it has been experience (life) learned the hard way, or maybe it came fast and furious:  lessons learned in these 60+ years have made quite an impact on me leaving its mark on my soul to be called upon at any given moment to help, support and protect me and my loved ones.

So, I have survived what life has thrown at me, sometimes not by any effort on my part. And as I look back, I mean really back, I marvel at all the times I survived the situations. It’s amazing. It’s as if someone was watching over me. Helping, guiding, pointing the way. I remember the hurt, the pain, the tears, then, came relief, a solution, and happiness.

It’s funny how the end of the world is coming in our little lives until that one thing happens to turn or change the course it was on. Mad and upset one day, feeling better to being happy the next. And on, and on, and on, it goes. Hang in there…


2 thoughts on “Hang in there…

  1. Hi Pete,
    Merry Christmas, I hope that all is well in your little corner of the world. We are all doing ok here. I agree with your post ,we all need to hang in there, even when at times we feel that we just can’t. Love to you and yours.


    • Hi Cindy and thanks for being a loyal friend. I have decided to make one last blog and at this point I’m filling it up with a lot of past posts which no doubt you’ve read already. I still hop over to Steve’s photo blog once in a while but to be honest I’ve lost my flare for shooting, consuming most of my time with the grand kids and writing. It’s important to me to write as it gives me cause and direction in the fee years I have left in this old world.

      Love and aloha to you dear friend and have a great Christmas and New Years.
      Pete willing


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