Live Aloha


The Spirit With In You…

It’s not that I feel different, but I do. I was raised in a loving family and really knew no better. Respect, love, honor, caring, I could go on, but you get my drift. All those words aren’t just words for me, they are built into me, apart of my life. It is the tick tock I hear each and every day.

We moved to Arizona in the late 80’s due to a promotion with Chevron. Every few years they would come out with a retirement package, people would leave, and vacant sales areas became available. Phoenix, why not?  So the wife and I and our young family left the safe haven of Hawaii and ventured to the desert. But that’s another story and not what I want to talk about.

My last trip to Hawaii (this past October) really made me homesick. The normal things sure, beach, food etc., all mattered, but the feeling, of belonging was back. The feeling that this “is” home seemed to make its way into my brain. The family, the caring, the respect, the lifestyle, all seemed to hit home once again. I was in a safe place and it felt damn good.

I’m kidding myself if I think I’m moving home anytime soon. But these feelings have left a lasting impression on me since the visit. You see, to an extent I have forgotten that very same spirit I have learned to love and live while here in Arizona. As of late I have just been plugging along letting life take me where it wants, sort of like a leaf blowing in the wind. I have been a victim of the very thing that I have so long preached against.

We can all do a better job to carry this spirit in us each and every day. Family, respect, helping each other, a friendly smile, a kiss on the cheek or hug, letting others go first, helping our children learn life’s lessons, and on and on and on. Does this all sound familiar. These weren’t invented by the Hawaiians. And for the most part most places in the world adhere to these qualities and life styles. In fact every place can have these traits to live and grow with. You decide, I have.

So I have turned my head and coughed out loud to start a change, a change back to the old me. Hawaii is a special place, its culture and unique lifestyle is something to be desired. I have missed it and I have started to make my home in Arizona a little more Hawaii like. Call it the Aloha spirit if you like. “Too many say they have it, but not enough actually are it. I want to be it!” Today with a renewed energy, I will strive to “Live Aloha” in Arizona.


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