This Old House


Feeling a little nostalgic this week so I thought I’d post a photo from my past, taken in the early 80’s:

If you were to drive down the old Pali road in Nuuanu you would come across the Board of Water Supply water shed. Directly across the water shed lies a beautiful home of a long time resident. I never met them but took this photo in ’80 because I loved the beautiful trees and plants that bordered this driveway. It was like the world stopped and within this view you saw a part of Hawaii that many don’t get to see. The old mixed in with the new gave this property its unique look all its own. I would pass by here many times trying to see something new, it was never changing and I was always in awe.

We moved to Arizona in ’90 and as the desert became my new home I would forget about my rides down the old Pali road. Seemed like a memory. In the year 2000 on a trip home I took this photo with me to compare the difference from the past and the present. As we drove up to the driveway I looked in awe as I watched bulldozers and trucks tear up the ashphalt and eventually the home. Trees were torn down to give way to a spacious new front yard.  Anyways you get the story here, I was mad, upset and didn’t understand why. I never returned back, I would try to forget what I just saw and would only remember the moments of how I felt way back when. I know its progress and change is inevitable, but holy snykies give me a break. Hawaii is different, unique and full of tradition. My only hope is that in the future we don’t change it too much in our efforts to become all we can be.


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