I’m still walking…


It’s been a good 20 years since we moved to Arizona, with little regret but overall I have to say things turned out great for the family and yes me too.

We have tried to go home every few years to be with family members and to partake of what Hawaii still can offer us… Food, beach, food you know just to kick back and relax.

Now let me tell you what happens on nearly every trip home with my kids. We would pass my old high school (Kailua Surfriders ’67) on the Old Pali road continuing into the town of Kailua. “I used to walk home after school almost every day” I would say. Now I lived about four miles away on Kalama Street and we would drive there just so I could prove to them (kids) that it was a pretty good walk.

“I’m still walking” I’d say every few minutes, to which I would get groans and moans from the unbelievers in the car. Eventually I gave up talking about my childhood and really who wants to hear about me when we’re in Hawaii.

But I AM still walking. I’ve lost my parents, my kid brother, I survived raising three kids (and I’m still active in their lives today), I’m helping my seven grand kids, I’m a good friend to some and a brother to others. I even had two total knee replacements (a life changing event).

The walk for me has been a long one and I see many miles ahead of me as you do to. We just have to push aside the crap and walk toward what matters most in our life. Family, God, friends, things we can do to make our life a little bit better each day. Hopefully when it is our time, we would have walked that extra mile. Be safe on you journey.

I’m still walking…   Aloha


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