I go about my task in a quiet and respectful manner trying to blend in my big body to my surroundings. The graveyard can be an unsettling place to visit. And I’m sure some people have wondered just what the heck am I doing here. I have always felt a little uneasy photographing headstones but feel an urgency to do, somehow satisfying some deep meaning of life I have stuck in my head.

With each click of the camera comes a myriad of emotions as I wonder about the person whose house I just invaded. I really do try to think of who they are, I guess I’m paying homage again to someone I never met.

It’s important to me not to forget those who have gone on. It’s an expected event that comes to us all and you will have to be prepared for that day, not only for yourself but those around you. I am finally learning to deal with this as each year comes to a close. I believe we will meet our family members, loved ones, friends again in another life our maker has provided for us.

So with this humble attitude I approach this task to help ease my inward burden of the unknown and this helps me understand life just a little bit better.


Fallen firefighters tribute in Glendale, Arizona


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