The Dying Desert…

In west Glendale Arizona where Olive Road ends lies the White Tanks Mtns. This area is home to a regional park and very few local businesses.

It has become my sanctuary of sorts to drive to, park, to breathe, clear my mind. I have come to love this type of desert beauty, it’s raw and unique.

Today I have a deep bitter taste in my mouth because the desert here is dwindling. Homes and new construction are top priority as the desert yields to progress. Every sahuaro has been transplanted to who knows where. Homes now are within a mile of the mountain range.

I know, I know, some things are inevitable, change is coming, can’t stop the future…

Progress is like raging cancer, except this cancer can’t be treated it can only be somewhat tolerated.

I have no answers for you, sorry. My only take on all this is to enjoy what life has to offer. Make it your friend, respect her, take care of her while she’s still here.

In Hawaii this is called Pono.

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Aloha all,


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