Keeping it real…

As the New Year approaches time opens up for me and my mind races to tie up some loose ends. It’s time to regroup, and get my life’s priorities in order. I know, why wait for the end of the year? I have no clue.

God (which I always seem to need work in that area), family and loved ones, and me last. To help me keep a centered mind, and keeping me fresh and centered have been my grand kids. For me they have been the one thing in my life to help center my soul to ground my actions and feelings when getting out of hand. One look into there eyes and I begin too understand my role in this world, I am put in my place as I start to understand their simple lives filled with joy and a pure love.

It’s funny how a small child can demand such attention. It fills me with hope to see them grow. It fills me with peace as they smile and hug me back. It fills me with love, as they light up that very space they stand in.

I have me to thank for all this, I made this all possible years ago when I was a young buck with no sense of direction or no life goals to guide me. I met someone way back when, who taught me, loved me and gave me that purpose I needed in life and still does 43 years later.

So I’m feeling a little more centered today as I write this. It feels good to gaze at my own words on the computer screen (or in this case my phone), as my fingers do the talking. It feels good knowing I have family and loved ones near by. I hope this short note finds you in good health and even better spirits. Don’t let life get you down. I truly believe you can and are able to endure whatever it (life) throws at you, find that thing…



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