I need to live it…

As I think about the last 40 or so years of my life I have finally realized that I have never had a clear vision of what my role in this life should be. Sure I had great goals, work, marriage, church so forth, but I cannot ever rememberIng once sitting down and asking myself what I really wanted to do with my life.

These past few years I have started blogging. First it was with photos as I am an avid photographer, then came short stories about family, developing into my life experiences and now…. Now, I feel the need to help others along their path in life, whether they stumble or fall or just try to stay afloat I have a desire to reach out and touch them in some small way.

I don’t consider myself a vain person, I’m bald I’m old and both my knees are gone, but I have heart and compassion. I’ve always tried not to judge and I don’t believe in first impressions. I tell you this so you in some small way will realize my true intentions and inner being.

It’s taking me all of 65 years to realize I want to influence others for good. So my blog seems like a good place to start. Writing for me has filled this void in my life and is giving me purpose and direction.

I’ve met a few great bloggers in my short writing career, learning, comparing, growing. But I came to realize I just can’t write about it, I need to live it. Now that is a novel idea, practice what you preach. In the upcoming year I’m going to see just what I am really made of. The Hawaiians call this inner self awareness this spiritual power mana.


So my goals may not be as simple as I thought, I write with passion, keep it simple, and live what I preach. Aloha

Photos: Hawaii, 1980
Camera: Nikon F


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