Tita, R.I.P.

No more dog food no more barking no more Tita.

So my sons dog has seen her last day, she has given us (him) 13 years of life. And to make a long story short it’s the last day of her life that has made all the difference in my life.

It is always been a love hate relationship with this dog and truth be told this past month I was wanting her gone more than not. But something happened last evening as I saw her hobble around trying to find a comfortable place to lie, I knew it was her last night here on earth.

And then it started, something came over me some weird feeling that came out of the unexpected, compassion. I felt an incredible desire to comfort and care for her on her last night. So during the night every hour I would check on her and do what little I could to comfort her. Her final resting place was under her masters 1987 bronco in the dirt looking out into the street. The night was a long one and I finally went to bed at 4 AM. Up at 6 AM to check on her, death had finally done her deed.

I washed her up and I waited for her master to come home and help me dispose of the body. I may even have shed a tear or two over this realizing I’m not so tough after all. I consider this a gift from Tita to me.

In her battle for her life she taught me to be more compassionate and loving in my life.


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