Be A Kid…

Some people call it the Ying and the Yang and some say opposites attract. I call it a mass confusion of chili peppers and wild nuts with sugar and honey thrown in it.

Don’t let those wonderful smiles and cute faces fool you too. You have to prepare yourself for the Clash of the Titans when they come to visit and the visits our weekly. They can’t wait to get to Nana and Papa’s house. My bedroom is on lockdown my office chained up as I prepare for another new adventure with the grandkids.

It’s love one minute she hit me the next then hugs and kisses all around. This crazy circle of emotion will last all day and into the night. The fact that they survived each other is beyond me.

We can all learn a little something here. We are quick to pass judgment and sometimes it seems easier to walk away rather than to stick it out. As I watch Jade and Jessey play with each I sometimes think of how my wife and I did together. And, we are still here after 40ish years. Go figure. So maybe these two peas in a pod got something going for them. Jessey the dainty petite and high strung kid and Jade who is 4 going on 14, she could talk the ears off of anyone.

As they grow up together to experience all that life has to offer we can do ourselves good just to sit back and learn from them. Their example and sweet attitude toward life and each other is something to cherish and live by…  Be a kid

Jessey (on left), Jade


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