Fact of life…

It’s a fact of life that you can’t always get what you want, that the effort you put forth, your reward will be based on that effort. It’s a fact of life that maybe sometimes, you have to let life take the reins to carry you where it goes. And it’s a fact of life that, life can just suck… Such has been the ride in my life, of hills and valleys, of storms and blue skies.

As I started this venture in 1971(marriage), I was unaware of the challenges, difficulties, pain and joy that children would bring. So much emotion, so many decisions. And I’m not only talking from a parent’s standpoint, but from the child.

These kids are as different as night and day. To this day, I can’t figure how a set of parents can make three totally different individuals. With one, I hardly ever had to assist. Her life filled with a positive force that willed her along a path that any parent would be proud. Another, we had to keep on a short leash all through his early years, and a third, who just would not let us in at times.

But through life’s struggles, we become strong. Experience leads the way to perfection, or at least a better life. And those seeds that were planted during childhood will bloom someday to help inspire, shape and create that soul that will live out it’s years here on earth.

So, are we there yet? probably not. And we may never get there… I had no idea where my life was heading, back in 1971. All I knew was that I had a good women at my side and we were ready to face life together. Yes, life can suck, but life can be grand. It’s what you make of it. Be safe

Note: From my personal journal


2 thoughts on “Fact of life…

    • Hi Keith great to meet you, and thanks for reading the story. Treasure this time with your kids, Love them and keep them close. I’m not sure if you can overly protect your children but sometimes I feel that might be a little necessary in this world that we live in, as I think times have changed over the last 30 to 40 years.

      Yes, they will keep you young, and they’re even smarter than we think. Have a great New Year’s, wishing you nothing but the best in 2015.


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