Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

Phoenix is slowly becoming Los Angeles. The growth here has become unstoppable and for me a little unsettling. As I watch the deserts slowly give way to brick-and-mortar I find myself slowly becoming complacent to my surroundings not caring and with little concern of the future.
It’s a fact of life I keep telling myself, it’s going to happen whether I like it or not so just deal with it. And in all this the saddest of all is the comings and going of buildings and businesses. Every block has a story to tell, every corner  has an empty nest… just memories lie in the dust.
These buildings that you see here have been abandoned for 10 years. But something happened, someone has purchased these buildings and given them a makeover moved in and has given the dead life. I’ve watch this whole process take place photographing along the way.

It does my heart good to see this change and although it doesn’t make a bit of difference in the overall scheme of things I know what has happened here,  it’s made a difference to me. I suppose I need to just appreciate the things around me, after all it could be here today and gone tomorrow. Open your eyes and see.


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