God, Me and the Rain

I’ve gotten a little closer to my maker this year, it has given me a sense of well-being and a little more control of my life. 

In the church that I go to each week there is an elite group of old men that meet together to discuss our roles in this life, how we can better ourselves, our families and others. We learn of God, we learn of each other and we draw strength from each other to keep us going day in and day out. Each of us have walked a different path and have all experienced both the good and bad things that life offers, and we come together to share this moment and to better ourselves. 

We only average 6 to 7 people each week but I have come to love each of them as a brother, as they each have a story to tell of their journey in life thus far. 

It is raining all day today, the skies are cloudy, it’s cold and rather gloomy at that, but I feel quite the opposite. Today I appreciate my life, I wonder at my surroundings and I have hope for the new year. 

And most of all I realize that it is because of my struggles and ups and downs in my life that has made me a better person. Experience equals knowledge, knowledge equals power. Now I just have to use this power gained in my life, for better, not as easy as you would think.

Happy New Year gang…


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