The Cement Jungle


Brick and mortar, when does it end?

The never-ending struggle for space in Hawaii particularly Oahu has always been a headache for Hawaiians. Properties have come down in size but have gone up in price, zoning laws have changed and now in residential areas you’re allowed to build two-story homes to accommodate those living with you. They call this Ohana dwelling meaning family, which allows you to build additional houses on your property.

It’s bad enough that to purchase land here it will be either fee simple meaning you can own the property out right or lease land where you buy the property but you pay the the investor a yearly fee never actually owning the rights to the property.

Add to all this the fact that houses start at $600,000 and up and you have a place that seems not very likely that you would want to live in.

But Hawaii is unique filled with treasures to see and places to explore. The aloha spirit that is here is what keeps Hawaiians and everyone else synced to this land. It is called “Aina” meaning the land.

I don’t think the building will stop anytime soon but that won’t stop me from coming home to visit it’s beautiful beaches and lush landscape and oh yeah, family.

So when does it all end?

It won’t and neither will I

Photo: Honolulu with Diamond Head
in background.
Below: Ala Wai harbor on the outskirts of Waikiki.



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