Some things are better left alone…

I can’t remember ever speaking a harsh word to her nor do I remember ever giving her punishment for something bad… is there such a thing as a perfect child?

She was a marvel that came into my life and I was only the provider of her necessities in life. It was like we raised her in automatic mode just pushing her along every once in a while making sure she was safe and protected.

She arrived at a time in our lives when we needed something to assure us that living here on earth has to be more than just work, come home and watch TV, if you know what I mean. Her birth gave us direction and gave our lives purpose, we had something to live for.

Today a mother of four and a stay-at-home type person and with a hard-working man at her side she is raising her family with love and patience and compassion. But, don’t get me wrong she can dish out discipline with the best of them. And now as an adult I have seen her overcome life’s challenges. From tragedy to acceptance to resolve she has already tasted life’s burnt offerings and those have only made her stronger to endure to the end.

What’s the point of all this you ask? Sometimes it’s better to let things take its natural course than to be a micro-manager of sorts.

I was lucky you say? Maybe, but I do feel there was some divine power on her behalf. She is an example to me.

“The student has become my teacher”.


12 thoughts on “Some things are better left alone…

    • I only know one LaDelle and I’m hoping this is you, if not that’s cool too.

      That means much to me. This post has struck a nerve in some people and it makes me feel great. We learn from each. Love you


  1. Nicely expressed. Very effective combination of text & image. To be able to let life happen and ride the flow is a great gift. Not easily achieved. šŸ™‚


  2. Thank you for those heartfelt words. I wish I could take all the credit but I really can’t. It was great to sit back for the most part and watch her grow into the woman she is today. Aloha


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