A special tribute…


When I was a kid I had a sneaky suspicion that my dad was Tom Sellek (they had a startling resemblance…to me anyway).  I was a starry eyed little girl who thought her daddy was amazing in every way.  He could rig up a swimming pool in our back yard with bricks and a tarp, he was always up for McDonald’s french fries and a fruit punch, he loved the beach and…he was Magnum P.I.
He is my cheerleader. I cannot tell you how many long chorus and dance concerts he sat through.  Not to mention the musicals, where I had very minor roles.  He cheered me on when I was the only girl on an all boy soccer team, and I was so very bad. He cheered me on when I played church ball and took me to the batting cages just because it was fun, not because I was really good and needed to develop an amazing talent.  Even though I didn’t have amazing talent, and it was just church ball, he was at every practice and every game with a Diet Coke and sunflower seeds in hand.  He cheered me on when I met my Russ and got married.  He cheered me on when we had kids and cheered us on when we lost our home and came to live with him.  The most wonderful thing now is that he is my children’s cheerleader.
He is the peacemaker of the family.  Evey family has one, the person who can’t stand for any sort of discord in the home…everyone must get along, everyone must love each other.  Sitting above the door frame of my bedroom was a broken yard stick, that my dad would threaten us with.  I don’t know how it broke, but is wasn’t broken over my behind, or my brother’s.  I think it would have killed him to actually hit us.  He was the one who smoothed things over with my mom, for us.  He was the one who stood in between my brothers.  He was the one who gave us countless start overs.  I rarely heard him shout or yell and looking back on those times I realize that he had patience for days.  He is someone who likes to make others happy and he is happiest when his family is happy.
It was a hard thing for me when I realized my dad wasn’t the perfect hero I thought he was.  It wasn’t until I got married and had kids of my own that I realized my dad doesn’t have any real super powers and that he felt and hurt just like me.  He went through challenges and trials just like everyone else.  When you get older and have a real life of your own you are able to see things through different eyes.  My father had his own struggles and things did not always work out how he wanted them to. He gets sad and i like everyone else, and the biggest shocker to me was that he DID NOT have an endless supply of money. :O)
I am not disappointed to find out that my dad is not the perfect man I thought he was. I think of him more today, with my 35 year old brain, than I thought of him, with my 5 year old brain.  He is the sort of brave man that I wish for my children.  The kind of man who provides well for his family, treats his wife like she’s a queen, treats his children like a treasure, and remembered that all good things come from a Heavenly Father.  My children are lucky because they have a father who is the hero I want for my children and I have my father to thank for that.  My father is the most wonderful example of father I could have. I did not pick someone who is exactly like my father, but has enough of his qualities to keep me starry eyed.
Note: This was from my daughter’s blog that I felt was needed here. “I must have made an impression”😏

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