Post History

A work in progress: Here is the location of each post with title and brief description

1. Risk Reward, dating experiences

2. And so it begins, dating and personal feelings

3. I am dad, birth of our daughter

4. Da brothers, birth of our sons

5. Fatherhood 1-4, experience with family and relationships growing up in Hawaii

6. Hang in there, life lessons learned, surviving life

7. Live Aloha, living the aloha spirit today

8. This old house, a revisit to an old Hawaii home

9. Black and white, why I love this format

10. I’m still walking, walking home from school, the walk of life

11. The dying desert, the dwindling of the Arizona desert

12. Remembering, photo essay tombstones and my thought about it

13  Keeping it real, my perspective on children and their impact on me

14.  The shooting rebel, my take on obeying photography rules

15. I need to live it, my purpose in blogging and living what I say




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